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The Executive Master of Business in Luxury is an original training program to high-level managers to acquire elements of expertise and know-be of the luxury sector.

The development of a dual market segmentation between low cost business and premium / high-end business requires new skills that participants can learn from luxury. This program is designed to present the luxury thinking applicable to all business. 

The new program for year 2015 proposes to reach the following objectives


  1. To deliver a complete executive marketing and management program to learn from luxury to enhance premium brands. 
  2. To target both junior executives looking for a post graduate degree through enrolling in the complete program and high level executives looking for improving their skills in specific topics related to the premium and luxury industry





This degree from the University Paris Dauphine, is proposed in conjunction with Shanghai Jiao Tong University for greater immersion in the Chinese industrial sector. The diversity of participants fosters intercultural and development of professional networks.



Pr. Denis Darpy.


Email : denis.darpy@dauphine.fr


Contact in Shanghai :

俞 雪 Shirley YU


Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Co-Progress Education Groupe 10F,
Hao Ran High-Tech Building, 1954 Hua Shan Road, Shanghai, 20030

Email : emblchina@dauphine.fr 

Tel : + 81-21-62151001